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Best Exterior Doors for Insulation

Best Exterior Doors for Insulation

Windows and doors are an excellent way to add character to your home. But the wrong ones or old ones might cost you in terms of energy efficiency. That’s because ill-fitting or inefficient ones can let out up to a third of your home’s heating or air conditioning, according to the Department of Energy.

When you’re swapping out your home’s exterior doors in Jackson, you’ll want to choose the most energy-efficient option available. At Pella of Jackson, our front entry doors are constructed with energy efficiency and long-term performance in mind. And you’ll have the choice to customize them for your home, with just the right hardware, color and glass features for your preferences.

Here are our top picks for best exterior doors for insulation.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

When you’re picking out an insulation type for your home, there’s a reason why fiberglass is the most popular. It doesn’t conduct heat very well, keeps temperatures mild and withstands moisture. The same can be said about fiberglass exterior doors, which are typically one of the top choices for energy-efficient doors.

As an added bonus, fiberglass:

  • Has reduced expansion and contraction, making them better-suited if you are located somewhere particularly hot or cold.
  • Doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, such as painting.
  • Naturally resists dents and scratches.

At Pella of Jackson, you’ll have complete access to a broad number of choices that complement your home’s unique aesthetic, including solid and glass fiberglass doors.

While a glass pane is a straightforward way to provide more natural light into your home, you might think about if it will make the door less insulating. With energy-efficient glass to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a style that suits the climate in Jackson.

Our glass selections range from full light to one-quarter light, with optional glazed glass for extra privacy. You’ll be able to further customize your door with caming, beveling and between-the-glass grilles and blinds.

Steel Exterior Doors

While steel doesn’t insulate as well as fiberglass, it’s still a good material for your front door, especially if you want additional security. Steel exterior doors are naturally tough, which promises extensive durability against the elements. Like fiberglass, steel doesn’t require much maintenance like painting.

At Pella of Jackson, our steel doors are available in three attractive traditional and contemporary styles, two-panel square, six panels and flush. You’ll be able to select from a crisp white or a primed finish, so your door can be whatever color you’d want.

We partner with Baldwin, a quality hardware brand, so you’ll have extra security enhancements for your steel door and extra peace of mind.

Other Things to Consider When Replacing Your Exterior Door

Now that you’ve narrowed down the material you want, there are a small number of other things you should think about when purchasing new entry doors.

You Likely Don’t Need a Storm Door

When working on your door replacement project, you may be uncertain about whether it’s worth adding a storm door, especially if you previously had one. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests this normally isn’t worth the higher cost and won’t save you that much more energy. This combination is typically only worth it if you have an older door that’s in great condition but could benefit from a boost in insulation.

Don’t Forget to Review Energy Performance Ratings

Every entry door has an energy-efficiency rating from the National Fenestration Rating Council. You’ll want to keep this in mind when making your choice, as well as the weather in Jackson and your home’s unique design. This rating considers solar heat gain and U-factor.

For solar gain ratings, you’ll be able to keep your home more comfortable in the summer with lower numbers and warm in the winter with higher numbers. Choosing the right combination will help with better adjusting indoor temperatures.

With U-factor, you’ll want to choose a lower number. This means the door is more effective at keeping heat inside.

For the highest performance and energy efficiency, look for doors that are ENERGY STAR® certified. Doors that hold this certification come with multiple panes of glass to restrict heat flow, stronger core materials for improved insulation and a secure seal to decrease energy loss.

These types of doors may lower your energy costs while making your home more comfortable. And less energy needs means more protection for the environment and natural resources. At Pella, we’ve continued to be a proud partner with ENERGY STAR since 1999 and offer many doors that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR certification standards across the country.

There’s a reason why Pella is the most popular entry door brand by homeowners.* Our quality exterior doors can be customized and you’ll receive beneficial advice from our staff throughout the process, from your consultation to installation and beyond. We’re available to make the process simple and even enjoyable. To learn more, reach out to us at 307-733-0535 today!

*Study of homeowner perceptions of leading national brands. Study commissioned by Pella, 2019.

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