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What Color Should I Choose for My Exterior Door?

What Color Should I Choose for My Exterior Door?

Wanting to freshen up your house’s exterior? Or make it more appealing to potential homebuyers? A new front entry door is a good way to make your residence attract attention.

There are a lot of options and colors to choose from when you’re beginning door replacement in Jackson, but we’re ready to assist you. Our Pella of Jackson design consultants are experts in helping you select just the right exterior door to correspond with your home’s architectural style.

Once you choose a solution, the appropriate color on your new Pella® door can make it stand out. Here is our advice when you’re thinking over what color your front door should be.

How Your House’s Architecture Influences Front Door Color

Initially, you need consider your home’s style. Is it traditional, contemporary or farmhouse? This can impact the style for your door replacement, along with the color.

We often see standard colors—including dark blues, greens, reds or black—coupled with a traditional-style residence. If you have a contemporary or farmhouse-style residence, try experimenting with statement colors that highlight your residence’s outside.

If your siding is a darker color, having a lighter door can really look great. But it’s good to know that lighter colors including white and tan can be harder to keep clean.

It’s great to add some contrast, but don’t get carried away. We suggest selecting a few corresponding colors for the siding, trim and accents like doors.

Based on the type of siding you have, here are a few corresponding front door colors:

  • Brick exterior—dark blue or navy
  • Gray siding—dark blue, navy or red
  • Green, white or tan siding—red
  • Light blue or black siding—dark blue or navy

If you’re selling your home, it’s essential to keep your future buyers in mind. It might be smarter to choose more timeless colors, such as blue, brown, green, red or white. Doors that are too vividly colored, like pink, purple or orange, could be a sticking point for potential buyers.

At Pella of Jackson, we can help you select the ideal exterior entry door to complement your residence and improve your curb appeal. Contact us at 307-733-0535 today to begin your exterior door replacement project.

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